Label: Modular Recordings
Genre: Electronic
Online: Artist Website


In 1994, an Australian scientist began what would become his most acknowledged experiment.

Successfully obtaining an orphan male in the Australian outback, he built a glass chamber and placed the child inside with four glistening objects; two keyboards and two strobe lights. He named the child Muscles.

Withdrawn from the outside world the scientist ensured Muscles tasted the glorious elements of life; 90s pop singles, trance compilations and SNES games glowing into his eyes, resonating through the glass.

Upon completing Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island the future arrived amidst a final keyboard solo, like it was destiny, the glass chamber shattered and Muscles bolted for Melbourne.

For the first time he saw the world for how it really was, learning life wasn't all Korg synths and 16 bit, his musical creation growing bizarre. Extraordinary party anthems manifested into a homemade bomb of vocal harmony, forced into hard techno, lo-fi house and soft trance synths.

Now this bomb has a name – GUNS BABES LEMONADE. The crystallization of the last 12 months of Muscles toiling away in a bedroom in Melbourne, a suite of songs set to jack dance floors and hijack hearts. Already anthems One Inch Badge Pin and Ice Cream are nestled amongst a forest of 11 of the most joyous moments of future pop likely to be heard this year.