Dragons of Zynth
Dragons of Zynth
Label: Gigantic Records
Genre: Rock
Online: Artist Website


The absinthe-tinge of Dragons' sound just might shear through your brain like a memory safely on its way back into clear view. The depth of DOZ's ambitious sound stems from a precocious appetite for new and innovative sounds.

Think (Fela5000-Miles-under the sea-of-Zep-love-Bowie-tronic-nacht-musicâ.) Yes DOZ's story is one of an odd and ethereal scope. The DOZ world is a philo-visual landscape where matters of the heart, rataionality, and mythos swim in colorful electric pools of deep and unfettered love. Bronx born and raised in Cleveland, OH the band is fronted by twins, Aku and Akwetey O.T. Having trained classically since the age of 5, Aku and his twin grew up with a deep love of Hendrixian watershed psych, Zepplin's proto-blues-stomp, and the lyrical streetsweeping of teknobots Outkast.

The twins forged their musical knowledge to new territory later studying music theory and performance with legendary Jazz saxophonist/flutist Yusef Lateef. The two began crafting songs engaging Lateef's "auto-physio-psychic" understanding of music, carving new sounds out of rhythms and melodies at once familiar and challenging to the ear. With a newfound respect for each other's vision the two decided to make the big move to the city.

Just fresh out of their teen years, the twins held down industry jobs to learn the ropes. "My bro and I learned our hustle working production jobs at NYC venues. We'd escort Jay-Z and Beyonce to their dressing rooms at the Garden or buy Wu-Tang boxes of blunt wraps when they played Roseland." These kind of priceless experiences gave the twins the proper eyes to carefully seek out who would become the last Dragons of Zynth.

Fleshing out the band is the fierce Los Angelion Autry Fulbright (Bass) and Chicago native Bzza(Drums). These young men started early. Bzza, an accomplished musician in his own right just happened to be a State-Champion drummer by the age of 7, and the esteemed Mr. Fulbright has been touring and destroying guitars in punk bands since the tender age of 14.

DOZ's brilliant performances have bolstered a truly majestic sound that now has avant-rock fans coming out of the woodwork. One such knob-twirler is TV on the Radio/Liars/YYY's producer Dave Sitek. An accredited co-producer on DOZ's forthcoming debut, Sitek has been instrumental in getting DOZ in the studio and and off to the races.