Calvin Harris
Calvin Harris
Label: Almost Gold Recordings
Genre: Electronic
Online: Artist Website


Exhibiting a creative and inventive edge, but still undeniably pop, Calvin Harris’s music is already picking up rave reviews and daytime Radio 1 play. Just 23 years old and hailing from Dumfries, this young Scot made his debut album I Created Disco in his bedroom on a battered old Amiga computer. Now touring with a full band and an explosive live show, he sets his sites on the US with his debut release for Almost Gold on September 11th.

Calvin Harris invented disco. No, Calvin Harris reinvented disco. He was Marks & Spencers' champion shelf-stacker two years running. He made his debut album fuelled by chicken breast fillets. He knows the whereabouts of Alex Kapranos' secret studio-hideaway-laboratory-home cuz it's quite near his own place in Dumfries.

Calvin Harris is one of those 'myspace sensations' you keep reading about. He was wildly popular amongst The Kids and on The Club Scene, a cult producer-slash-singer-slash-bedroom-knob-twiddler who can make the banging-est of pop-dance tunes out of bugger-all kit. The last time he spent any money on gear was three years ago, when he bought a voice processor for £200. "I'm not the kind of dude who buys Sound On Sound. I know if something sounds nice. If it does, I'll keep it. If not, I'll try and make it nice. You don't need to splash out on technology."

Acceptable In The 80s was Calvin’s first UK proper single release and will be the first US single. It sparkles with high gloss, glitz and glamour like a disco ball catching the light. A masterpiece of hooks and gushing synths it is a testament to the talent at work. Acceptable in the 80’s was due to be an introductory single, which gained momentum on radio and led to a top 10 chart position which exceeded all expectations along with the 100k sales it has now achieved.

And now Calvin Harris has big plans for summer 2007: a debut album, of course, and then a UK single called 'Colours', which contains a dash of Visage's proto-electronic classic 'Fade To Grey' and is about girls' clothes. "Chicks who don't wear colours annoy me because there are many wonderful colours in world - and those women who are not utilizing them make me very upset. Although black and white does look good. But if you're gonna go out I wanna see someone in a big canary-yellow hoodie. And big baggy pink jeans."

"The song titles say it all. My tunes aren't supposed to invoke deep thought within people; they're just to get you dancing. But musically it is for the brain - it's not music for stupid people. I take great pride in my productions. It's not knocked out in a few seconds." Calvin Harris will make you jump around like a silly-billy - the slamming likes of 'The Girls' and 'Merrymaking At My Place' (the latter soon to be found on a second 10-inch).

Calvin Harris’s debut "I Created Disco", cost 0p to record. He fashions future-disko using an ancient Amiga computer and has put together a fantastic five piece live band. "My live band's even more rocking than the tunes. I'm singing, but only because no one else in Dumfries can sing. I've got an extremely limited range. But I will be wearing a top hat made from the skin of a tiger." Not afraid to handle vocal duties himself, Calvin is a rare commodity indeed. While Calvin will be knocking about on his MDF and 204 samples on stage he is joined by, Rikki Stixxx – drums, Davey Planecrash – bass guitar, Irving – lead guitar, Sean vs. the robots – keyboards. They’ve recently wowed 10- 15,000 capacity arena audiences opening up for artists such as Faithless and Groove Armada. Now Calvin Harris is ready to kick off their first and already sold out headline tour this July and of course all the summer’s festivals including Glastonbury.

Calvin Harris has his own label, FlyEye, and a manifesto, innit. "Disco disappeared, didn't it? Everyone got sick of it. Now I'm reviving it, with space goggles, or something." This is music that wants to get people dancing again. Calvin Harris is making his mark on 2007 in fine style.

Calvin Harris only made some of this stuff up.