Axe Riverboy
Axe Riverboy
Label: Minty Fresh
Genre: Rock
Online: Artist Website


“Let me drop me drop my guard and see what I can do without”.

With these revealing opening lyrics, TAHITI 80’s front-man and principle songwriter, Xavier Boyer, one the most distinctive and loved voices in indie-rock, further propels French Rock on it’s upward spiral with his long awaited solo record. Recording under the nom de plume Axe Riverboy (actually an anagram of Xavier Boyer’s name, and trust us, folks, that ain’t easy to do), his debut solo full length, TuTu To Tango, is a blend of superb songwriting, room-full-of-friends-sing-a-long choruses, ringing guitars, and pianos compressed hard enough to do the Beatle’s boardmen George Martin (or, Geoff Emerick) proud.

Xavier played most of the instruments himself and wrote this entire album, a warm rediscovery of rock and pop with folk overtones. He brilliantly draws in many ways from the sounds upon which early Tahiti 80 thrived (think of their critically lauded, listener-friendly Puzzle). Of course his bandmates also lend a hand, Xavier’s Axe Riverboy project gets a helping hand on production and mixing by Tahiti 80 bandmate and live favorite Pedro Resende.

Axe Riverboy’s Tutu To Tango is a subtle blend, romantic, like a holiday Sunday in the countryside, relishing the thought of writing a sweet little tune, with the music of the wind and water as accompaniment. In such a way, perhaps Tutu To Tango could be the first “Ram” (as in Paul McCartney’s second solo effort) to be written by a French person. A landscape of sensations and feelings unfolding in ten songs.