Lindsay Anderson
Lindsay Anderson
Label: Minty Fresh
Genre: Rock
Online: Artist Website


If, the solo debut from L’altra co-founder Lindsay Anderson, is a rumination on dreamscape, originality, and the process of decision-making. Realized over the course of 3 years, If is an intimate recording of carefully crafted, openly expressive songs. On point as songwriter, player and producer, Anderson weaves her Wurlitzer, Rhodes and piano melodies organically onto a framework of unblurred guitar. Revealing a moody yet abiding account of love, nostalgia and the challenges of self-realization, If addresses desire while questioning what is awareness. .

IF features contributions from Bill Lowman (The Aluminum Group, Bosco & Jorge, WW Lowman), Fred Lonberg-Holm (Valentine Trio,The Vandermark 5, Simon Joyner, Wilco, Califone), Jessica Billey (Nicolai Dunger, Smog), Darren Garvey (Andreas Kapsalis Trio, Buddy Nuisance), Jay Marino (Buddy Nuisance), and Pat Samson (US Maple).

Lindsay’s distinctive voice that has been featured with notable artists such as Will Oldham, Edith Frost, Telefon Tel Aviv, Slicker, and WW Lowman.