Dixie Pricks!
Label: MK-Ultra Records
Genre: Rock
Online: Artist Website


The Dixie Pricks! are one of those bands founded on a simple, basic premise. Hiding behind rockstar aliases like 'Fred Nugent,' 'Dwight Trash,' 'Skeeter Skankland' and 'Leif Blower,' this Southern California quartet pushes the pedal to the metal; figuratively, a souped-up demolition derby jalopy with garish flames painted on the front quarter panels and Betty Page pinups airbrushed on the hood. Reving the tongue-in-cheek,white trash, rocker aesthetic to comic extremes, their punk sound celebrates sex, cars, sex, drinking, sex, violence and more sex. What more could you expect from a band who proudly states "our only motivation is to create music that will get us laid by bar sluts - period." This band is a seedy companion for a lost weekend of hangovers, joyrides, tattoos, sexual frustration and/or release. They even sell condoms on their official website.