Breaker! Breaker!
Label: Velocirecords
Genre: Rock
Online: Artist Website


Breaker! Breaker! is a 3-piece group from Brooklyn, New York, featuring Gina Marie Scardino on drums, Duncan Gamble on keyboard and Collin Mel Cunningham on guitar. Gina, Duncan, and Collin each sing vocals and take equal part in the song-writing process. Framed by vocals that range from melodic to aggressive, Breaker! Breaker!’s songs have been described as dancey pop mixed with new wave, indie, and post punk.

For the past year and a half, Breaker! Breaker! has been heavily involved in the NYC music scene playing venues such as the Knitting Factory, North Six, South Paw and Sin-e, and performing with bands such as The Gossip, The Kills, Oneida, Young People, Slumber Party, and The Intima. They have been out on the road on two tours, which included shows with Lightning Bolt, Parts and Labor, Old Time Relijun and Monitor Bats.