Label: Rhymesayers
Genre: Hip Hop
Online: Artist Website


Oldominion crew members and MCs Onry Ozzborn and JFK had been meaning to do a project together for a while, but it wasn't until after they heard Cannibal Ox's 2001 album, The Cold Vein, that they decided to organize themselves. The finalized their lineup in 2003 with the addition of bass player Rob Castro, who had played on Ozzborn's The Grey Area. After Grayskul recorded over 30 songs and released a tour-only LP, their music got into the hands of Rhymesayers head Siddiq (Brent Sayers), who liked their hard-edged sound and immediately signed them. Using the alter egos Reason, Fiddle Stick Recluse (or just Recluse), and Phantom Ghost El Topo, Ozzborn, JFK, and Castro -- whose live show included a live DJ and oftentimes masks -- released their debut, Deadlivers, in 2005.