Label: Paper Bag Records
Genre: Rock
Online: Artist Website

Bio what does critical praise get you these days? The ear of Bob Mould, evidently. Indie-rock legend, and ex-Husker Du founder, Mould asked Uncut to open for his fall 2005 tour, which was, according to Uncut "the loudest series of shows we've ever been to." After two years of regular touring, including shows at CMJ in New York, and South by Southwest in Austin, Uncut had evidently arrived at their new sound: LOUD.

Loud like early '90s touchstones Swervedriver and Dinosaur Jr. Or perhaps The Jesus & Mary Chain. Cascading guitar squall, pounding rhythms, and basslines capable of moving the hairs on the back of your neck. Indeed, with their second album, bassist Derek Tokar has added his songwriting and vocal input along side Worang and Goldberg.

Through all of this hard work, the foursome found their live legs, playing off each other and creating an intense, connected stage presence. This shines through the bass-induced crevices of their new album Modern Currencies, lending it a more live, dynamic feel than anything you've heard from the band so far. Tight, but not over-produced; polished, but full of soul -- their experience as musicians is evident.

Over the last four years, Uncut have made the difficult move from a two-person studio project to a tour-ready four-piece. In doing so, they have outlived their early dance-rock pedigree, and are on to something new. Something better, and much, much louder.