Label: Temporary Residence LTD.
Genre: Electronic
Online: Artist Website


The British post-rock trio Fridge comprised guitarist Kieran Hebden, bassist Adem Ilhan and drummer Sam Jeffers, longtime friends from the Putney area who began playing music together while attending school. A chance record shop encounter with another friend helped put the group in contact with Output label chief Trevor "The Underdog" Jackson, who signed them the next day; the first Fridge record, the single "Lojen," was released in early 1997, with all three members still in their teens. The full-length Ceefax followed a few months later, but it was their final release of 1997, the epic Anglepoised EP, which won the group their first significant radio airplay and critical raves; the equally brilliant Lign -- a tandem seven-inch and twelve-inch release with no overlapping tracks -- appeared during the early weeks of 1998. The second Fridge LP, Semaphore, arrived that March, and was followed by Orko, another seven- and twelve-inch doublepack; the EP was their last new material for Output, with the trio signing to Go Beat! soon after. A two-disc collection of their Output singles, Sevens and Twelves, was issued in late 1998; with a full album, EPH, following the next year. Fridge released their fourth full length, Happiness in 2001 on the Temporary Residence label. In addition to his work in Fridge, Hebden also recorded material under the names Four Tet and Joshua Falken.