The Foundry Field Recordings
The Foundry Field Recordings
Label: Emergency Umbrella Records
Genre: Rock
Online: Artist Website


Billy Schuh was somewhat of a late bloomer as far as songwriters go, only learning how to play the guitar shortly after he graduated from high school. He started his first band, Billy Schuh & the Foundry, when he started attending the University of Missouri. After the band went through dozens of name changes and various lineup rearrangements, Schuh finally started working with Benjamin Hook, Becky Baxter, and Daniel Stegall, and the Foundry Field Recordings was born. Packing a sound that combined shoegaze with epic, album-oriented indie pop along the lines of the Flaming Lips, the band released its debut EP, Robots as Fathers, in 2003. The EP gained a college radio following, and the band went on to open up for acts like Spoon, the Super Furry Animals, and Deerhoof. Their first full-length album, Prompts/Miscues, came out three years later.