Kode IV
Kode IV
Label: Ceiba Records
Genre: Electronic
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Kode IV is Peter Ziegelmeier, an Austrian-born musician who has been producing electronic music for more than twenty years. Kode IV has made innovative marks in several successive genres of music, especially in the early years of the industrial and psytrance categories. The lineup has gone through some changes through the years, including collaborations with trance luminary, Goa Gil. Having released several full length albums as Kode IV, they have also been featured on dozens of psytrance compilations and numerous 12" records. They were the first to release a CD of music recorded live at Nevada's Burning Man Festival in the mid-90s.

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Kode IV
song:Fortuna (4:20 myx)
album:How Weird Street Faire (Ceiba …
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