C-Mon & Kypski
C-Mon & Kypski
Label: Jammm Brand
Genre: Hip Hop / Electronic / Rock / Experimental
Online: Artist Website


C-mon & Kypski is a group of 4 people. Years ago, C-mon and Kypski started composing and producing instrumental hip-hop tracks as a duo, and when Daniel and Jori came in they stuck with the name. By then, they'd become a 'band' instead of a duo.

In terms of musical originality, blending of styles, beats, production, composition and scratching these guys stand out like no other.

The bottomline of it all is instrumental hiphop, but from thereon the music goes all over the place, leaving their listeners rockin' hard, nodding their heads, dazed & confused, hyped up, mellow, freaking out, singing, doing the polka, going crazy, melodramatical, or maybe even crying...Guest vocalists may appear from time to time.

And then there is the liveshow. Of course C-mon & Kypski can bring their music to you LIVE in a totally unique way. No static laptop bullsh*! but live video scratching, live drums, keys, guitars, livesampling, boomin' beats, lights, fireworks, thunder & lightning.

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C-Mon & Kypski
song:Turn Of The Tides
album:We Are Square (Jammm Brand)
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C-Mon & Kypski
song:Bumpy Road
album:Where The Wild Things Are (Jam…
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