OOIOO features Yoshimi, one of the most interesting avant-rock artists making music today. Thrust into the spotlight in 2002 when she was made the "theme" of the Flaming Lips' Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots, she has responded with her most diverse and interesting work to date with Kila Kila Kila.

Yoshimi began her music career in 1986 playing drums in the band UFO or Die, which also features Eye of the Boredoms. That same year she joined revolutionary noisepop experimentalists, the Boredoms, in which she still plays drums, trumpet, keyboard and sings. In the early nineties, she became the drummer in Kim Gordon's Free Kitten and released three Yoshimi solo 7" singles on Ecstatic Peace. Then, in 1996, Yoshimi started OOIOO after speaking of it fictitiously in a magazine article. OOIOO played their first shows opening for Sonic Youth in Japan around this time and have since released two records in the states- OOIOO (Kill Rock Stars, 1998) and Feather Float (Birdman, 2001). Another record, Gold and Green (Super Ape, 2002) has only been released in Japan.

Yoshimi’s music is constantly evolving from release to release, from one band to another. An intense performer and creator, drawing from a wide range of influences, she has invented a heartfelt musical language that is eclectic yet accessible and completely her own - dense and frantic.