The Electric Soft Parade


The Electric Soft Parade began in Brighton, where brothers Alex White (vocals/guitar) and Tom White (drums) recorded sloppy four-track albums and sold them to locals under the moniker Feltro Media. One of these recordings caught the attention of indie DB, who signed the siblings in 2001. Renamed the Electric Soft Parade and enlisting the aid of bassist Matt Thwaites and keyboardist Steve Large, the group issued the single "Silent to the Dark" that April, which showcased their mix of latter-day Brit-pop sensibilities with doses of American-style modern rock and psychedelia. DB issued the full-length Holes in the Wall in early 2002, and extensive touring followed. There was even a bit of Oasis-style brotherly strife to spark the interest of the British music press. The Electric Soft Parade jumped to BMG for The American Adventure, which was issued in the U.K. in October 2003. [AMG Johnny Loftus]