Mixing computer-generated crunches, pops and clicks with organic synthesizer tones and heavily processed sounds, Chris Clark creates tense and brilliant electronica that struggles between a sense of natural wonder and exuberance and dark, foreboding undercurrents.

Clark, who lived in Bristol and Brighton, UK before settling in Birmingham, debuted on Warp Records with the wintery Clarence Park, released in May of 2001. Recorded while Clark was still at University, it's a promising first record full of cold, terse synths and big beats.

The Ceramics Is the Bomb EP followed in May of 2003, but it's on Empty the Bones of You that Chris Clark proves he is one of the most original laptop musicians working today. With fully tweaked sounds and disorienting textures overlapping with lulling synths, Clark constructs a buzzing and organic world of sound that is more noteworthy than even Hint's awe-inspiring Portakabin Fever, more ambitious than Icarus' Six Soviet Misfits. [AMG Charles Spano]