Label: Mush Records
Genre: Hip Hop
Online: Artist Website


With a booming voice, an indestructible wall of beats, and a lifetime of girl problems, k-the-i??? brings forth a cure for the jaded hip-hop head in the form of his Mush debut, Broken Love Letter. The album's sonic discord, which is reminiscent of the heavy production hand of NMS, the dark industrial blend of Dalek, and the Blade Runner inspired work of El-P, seeks out uninhabited inches in your brain until there's no vacancy left. k-the-i??? unmercifully dissects his interaction with women with every conceivable emotion; anger, sadness, envy, lust, longing, and confusion all make an appearance. His stern command of the mic and effortless flow coupled with the dense instrumentals and backing tracks make for a fresh sound that personifies a progression of the form and marks another success in the career of k-the-i???