Painted Thin
Painted Thin
Label: G7 Welcoming Committee
Genre: Rock
Online: Artist Website


In 1994, a certain G7 collective member (who shall remain nameless) responded to a "drummer wanted" poster tacked up on the wall at SK8 (Winnipeg's local skateboard shop). Days later, he and his drum set were picked up by one Paul Furgale and Stephen Carroll and driven out to a posh house in Winnipeg's Charleswood neighbourhood. Although the introductory jam session went well, the sheltered 16 year-old hardcore devotee wasn't totally into the Bay Area-inspired punk the duo was penning, nor did he feel comfortable being touched in "that way", so he never called them back. Nonetheless, they found a drummer and started to play shows under the name of Painted Thin. After recording their Losing Games demo tape, a new drummer named James Ash (also in I Spy) was recruited and in 1995 they recorded 8 songs for the debut release from G7 Welcoming Committee Records, a split CD with John K. Samson (of Propagandhi at the time - later to form The Weakerthans). This material would later be included on a full length LP released in Germany by The Company With The Golden Arm (1997).

Lyrically, the band dealt with issues ranging from veganism and the colonization of Indigenous peoples to child abuse, gender roles and feminism. True story: the same aforementioned G7 member once leant the band silk-screening equipment to make shirts for a Zapatista Solidarity benefit show. To this day that equipment has not been returned, and Subcommandante Marcos claims to have never received the funds from that benefit.

Nonetheless, Painted Thin released two more albums - Still They Die of Heartbreak (1997) and Clear, Plausible Stories (1999), plus a split CD with Sixty Stories entitled A Loveless Kiss (released posthumously in 2001). In that time the band saw the departure of Stephen to join The Weakerthans, with other positions rotating between members of other Winnipeg bands such as Red Fisher, The Bonaduces and Elliot. The band called it a day in 1999, and Paul went on to form Sixty Stories and build experimental surveillance drones for the US military.