Label: Klein
Genre: Electronic
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Salute Mummer – the new amazing versatile jazzy project of former Klein act MUM member Stefan Jungmair and vocal goddess Betty Semper, both based in Vienna and both into the high art of equivocating.

After all apart from being the title of an XTC record, a `Mummer` is someone who likes to disguise, putting on costumes - a synonym for `guiser`. So we are speaking of someone with various faces and someone who can not easily be identified. All in all `Mummers` like to remain a trifle mysterious and unclear, always full of surprises and unpredictable. The Dadaism of MUM is apparent still, it´s an album that doesn´t want to come across dead serious but still has you smiling if you take those blinkers off your ears

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song:Final Conclusion
album:SoulOrganismState (Klein)
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