Stars of Track and Field


Stars of Track and Field traverses sonic territory, from digital to analog and back, oscillating between minimalism and grandiose walls of keyboard and guitar. Influences that range as far DAngelo and Aphex Twin to The Beatles and Built to Spill can be felt through this amalgamation of sound and feeling that subtlety leaves an indelible stamp on all who come in contact with the aural soundscape.

Stars of Track and Fields debut EP, You Came Here for Sunset Last Year, was released in June 2005 and became an instant staple on radio in the Pacific Northwest. Throughout Portland and Seattle, and across the region, the band sold several thousand copies of the recording via an old-school DIY approach. Live shows, local independent retail stores, and enthusiastic praise in Best of 2005 critic lists and readers polls fueled this groundswell. SXSW Executive Producer Matt Dentlers blog listed Stars of Track and Field as the ..4 Band to Watch for 2006, and soon thereafter they signed a deal with Southern Californiabased indie label SideCho Records. They returned to the studio in early 2006 with the team of Tony Lash (Dandy Warhols, Elliot Smith) and Jeff Saltzman (Stephen Malkmus), who had produced the highly successful ep, and recorded their first full-length offering Centuries Before Love and War. The album displays the bands signature dichotomous formula, successfully mining elements from across rocks history while simultaneously embracing the digital technology of the future. This recording caught the attention of Wind-up Records, and the band has segued from SideCho to the larger independent. Centuries Before Love and War will be released in iTunes on August 22nd, while the band is out on the road with Jeremy Enigk (formerly of Sunny Day Real Estate and current frontman of The Fire Theft).