The Submarines
The Submarines
Label: Nettwerk
Genre: Pop
Online: Artist Website


John Dragonetti (aka Jack Drag) and Blake Hazard first met in Boston, where they were both solo artists, through mutual friends and soon became musically and romantically involved. Dragonetti produced Hazard's debut solo album, Little Airplane, which came out in 2002, and they began playing and performing with each other's bands. The couple moved west to Los Angeles to continue their career there, but in the fall of 2004 their relationship ended. That event, however, stimulated both of them creatively, and as Hazard still recorded her material at Dragonetti's studio, they ended up playing the songs that they wrote about their breakup for each other, eventually recording enough for an album. Apparently, this also worked to reconcile their love, and the two got back together and ultimately married. Declare a New State!, which was mastered by a friend as a wedding present, was then released on Nettwerk in 2006.