Jim Noir
Jim Noir
Label: Barsuk Records
Genre: Folk / Rock
Online: Artist Website


Imagine a Wurlitzer jukebox stacked with the hits of ELO, Super Furry Animals, Pepper-era Beatles, The Beta Band, The Beach Boys, early Pink Floyd and Supertramp. Now imagine blowing that jukebox up with a cartoon-style dynamite stick and making a record from the exploded fragments of vinyl and luminescent tubing. That's a bit like what Jim Noir's debut album, tower of love sounds like.

Rarely seen in public, Jim Noir remains something of an enigma. HereĀ¹s what we know: Noir was born in 1982 in the dreary village of Davyhulme near Manchester. At age nine he formed a band with a friend known as Batfinks. The duo performed in yer face by 808 State at a school talent show. Three years later, our hero sang a Grease medley at a holiday camp and was awarded a Batman waterpistol for his efforts. Realizing he was in possession of a special gift, Noir threw himself into music, developing his sound and mastering a multitude of instruments. If you can hit it, twang it, blow it or tinkle it, Jim can play it. Fast-forward one decade and here's Noir meeting the founding fathers of My Dad Recordings. They let Jim release a neat little record called Eanie Meany. In a psychedelic explosion of color and sound, Jim Noir, pop star, was born. Things looked promising. He even moved out of his Mum and Dad's house. The record fell into the hands of Barsuk Records, and the rest is history to be made.

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Jim Noir
song:Don't You Worry
album:Jim Noir (Barsuk Records)
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Jim Noir
song:Key Of C
album:Tower of Love (Barsuk Records)
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