White Whale
Label: Merge Records
Genre: Rock
Online: Artist Website


Call me Ishmael. Or don’t. That’s entirely up to you. Many years ago - or sooner, I am imprecise about these things - a landlocked group of men from the vicinity of a town in Kansas called Lawrence embarked upon a journey of the soul. Or a journey full of soul. Again, you decide. Armed with the weapons of the musician’s trade, these five travelers were bestowed with the biblical and mythical name of White Whale. Prior bands of minstrels attempted the majestic grandeur inherent in White Whale. The intrepid Butterglory; the fearless Get Up Kids; Thee (fearsome) Higher Burning Fire; and the brave, chivalrous Matt Suggs all drove their vessels to sea. All were driven back to the land of corn. Yet their combined talents have taken them to corners of the globe only dreamed of by other bands.

Featuring Matt Suggs (Matt Suggs, Butterglory), Rob Pope (The Get Up Kids), and John Anderson, Zach Holland, Dustin Kinsey (Thee Higher Burning Fire)!