Liquid Acrobat
Label: Shakti Science
Genre: Electronic
Online: Artist Website


Liquid Acrobat plays hard hitting abstract head groove music and twisted space funk. The beats are usually rolling in a hard hitting, cut up hip-hop, electro or drum 'n' bass style and dripping with psychedelic consciousness.

He's toured around Europe and the states with the S.P.A.Z. sound system, and runs his own NYC based record label and multimedia studio "Shakti Science." The label's 1995 release, Egyptology, was widely distributed and made top ten lists worldwide. Liquid Acrobat's 2004 full-length collection, Warm Atlantis, is a journey through 60's Psychedelia, Dub, Raga, and Trip Hop.

Currently, Liquid A resides in New York City and has enjoyed great success playing live and DJing across all 5 boroughs. Whatever free time he has is spent running his music website,