John Ralston
John Ralston
Label: Vagrant Records
Genre: Rock
Online: Artist Website


As lead singer of the Legends of Rodeo, John Ralston, whose mother taught him how to play guitar when he was a child, found himself with no money and no contract soon after the 2003 release of his band's first album, A Thousand Friday Nights, due to label problems. Fortuitously, one evening in his hometown of Lake Worth, FL, he met recording engineer Michael Seaman, who lived in Knoxville, TN. The two hit it off immediately, and soon after, Seaman invited Ralston up to his home. Bringing along former bandmate and drummer Jeff Snow, Ralston went to Tennessee, and in the span of a week had recorded what would be become his debut album, Needle Bed, for which he played almost every instrument. Shortly after, he went to Chicago with the intention of overdubbing the record with Wilco's Jay Bennett, but instead ending up recording another album, There's Always an Ambulance Around the Bend, which will be issued just months after the June 2006 release of Needle Bed. (AMG Marisa Brown)