Dirty On Purpose
Dirty On Purpose
Label: North Street Records
Genre: Rock
Online: Artist Website


Often described as ethereal and emotional space-rock, Dirty on Purpose, a four-piece from Brooklyn, NY, beautifully combine sonic washes of noise with delicate, pretty harmonies. Hallelujah Sirens features 10 brand new, rich and diverse songs that span from upbeat tracks like “No Radio” and “Monument” to songs that build up slowly and explode with intensity like “Always Looking” and “Fake Lakes.”

With four songwriters and three main vocalists contributing to the group’s overall sound, Dirty on Purpose create music that is wholly original, while paying tribute to their shoegazer, noise and pop influences. Though the journey has been slow and steady, the reward has been tremendous – reaching and realizing their very own musical landscape. Doug Marvin, Joseph Jurewicz, George Wilson and DJ Boudreau are the conductors of their own orchestra, and Hallelujah Sirens is their latest opus.

Brooklyn-based singer-songwriter Jaymay contributed female vocals to a number of tracks on Hallelujah Sirens, including “Light Pollution,” “Kill Our City,” and “Marfa Lights.” Her beautiful harmonies enrich the songs with finesse and charm.

For songs like “No Radio,” the band also pulled in a horns section complete with a trombone, saxophone and trumpet to give the robust track that extra added bit of excitement. Other tracks like “Lake Effect” and “Your Summer Dress” called for a strings section of viola and cello. Anne Brewster, formerly of Sea Ray, contributed on cello.

The band will set out on a national tour in Summer 2006 to support their new album. This is a band that has steadily built up a following around the world, giving them time to develop and expand as musicians and gel as a band. They aim to keep their career long and prolific. Keep an eye out for them, and see them grow and mature, carving out their own little niche in musical history.