The Eternals
The Eternals
Label: Aesthetics
Genre: Electronic
Online: Artist Website


The Eternals formed in the summer of 1997 and are based in Chicago. Currently, they consist of Damon Locks (vocals, keys, effects), Wayne Montana (bass, keys) who both were in the band Trenchmouth and Tim Mulvenna (drums, currently performs in the Jeb Bishop Trio - 2 records on Okka Disc). Past drummers include John Herndon & Dan Fliegel. Release wise they have a full length (ast30 'Rawar Style') and 12inch on Aesthetics (ast27 'Black Museum'), 2 12inches on Thrill Jockey, a full length with Desoto (Aesthetics released the lp format) & an ep on Antifaz (Puerto Rico). They have toured the U.S. 3 times, once with Tortoise under their secret alter egos Woodcult, then later with Isotope 217, Califone & Brokeback. In the spring of 2003 The Eternals toured Brazil with the band Hurtmold to support their split cd release with the group (Submarine Records). In 2001 the group performed at the All Tomorrow's Parties festivl in England, and over the years have performed with Fugazi, Hood, Pulseprogramming, Stereolab, Daniel Givens, Dismemberment Plan & Anti Pop Consortium to name a few. In 2004 their second full length 'Rawar Style' was released and they toured once again with Tortoise."