Label: Brilliante Records
Genre: Electronic / Rock
Online: Artist Website


Balún is an electro-acoustic pop outfit whose sound and influences can most easily be spotted in bands like Ulrich Schnauss, the Icelandic group Múm and Scottish wizards Boards of Canada. Their sound is one of soft and sweet rhythmic sound collages- simple guitar riffs, subdued glitchy beats and sounds of bells, strings and accordian accompanied by Angelica's child-like dreamy singing. Her singing is reminiscent of the type of quiet, low voiced song a child absent mindedly sings to herself while engrossed in drawing or making a princess' crown out of field flowers. The product of the soundscapes created by Balún is one of nostalgia, or better yet, daydreaming. It's music to listen to when you've realized you've wandered into an unfamiliar place but you don't mind that you're lost.

Balún is based out of San Juan, Puerto Rico and have started to developa cult following with their cinematic soundscapes. The underground scene in San Juan is just now starting to blossom with acts such as Superaquello, Phasmid and Balún. Balún are influenced by American Indie and UK bands, yet still exhibit a sound that attaches them to their home of Puerto Rico. They play several electronic and acoustic instruments including accordion and violin, and their recordings showcase a waterfall of sound with hollowed out melodies and haunting rhythms.

Balún are the newest addtion to the Brilliante Records roster. Their full length debut, Something Comes Our Way will be released in June 2006, preceded by the exclusively digital Snol EP. The band is excited to leave their home of San Juan and showcase their music to audiences in the states and the world over. The band self-released 2 EP's followed up with the 4 song While Sleeping EP available for download only on Austria's Observatory net label.