Label: Galapagos4
Genre: Hip Hop
Online: Artist Website


Heralded as “The best band actually from Chicago, since Chicago”, ROYCE comes with rich musical flavor as diverse as the city they are from. ROYCE brings an eclectic balance to hip hop experimentation, blazing rock-disco epics and soothing mellow pop tunes. Raised on true school hip hop, Chicago house music and classic underground rock, ROYCE effortlessly evades genres to create a unique, hard-to-define sound.

Formed during their high school years, friends Jamie Clemmons, Conor Klaus, Nick Spizzirri, Ross Wall and Justus Roe (a.k.a. DJ White Lightning) came together to keep Chicago music fresh and moving forward. Lovers of rare soul and funk, the group’s earliest efforts found a home in a particularly critical record-digging culture. In 2003 ROYCE found an unlikely home on the Galapagos4 label and released their widely acclaimed debut album "SUBTLETIES OF THE GAME.", of which The Chicago Tribune said: “Evoking a combination of Sam Prekop of The Sea and Cake and Chris Martin of Coldplay. . .disco-era beats. . .hallmarks of the Isley Brothers or Can.” URB magazine said: “Chicago’s Royce is the live band for all the hyper-electric record collectors out there, solemn heads that dig on blues, psyche, prog and hip-hop.”

With their ruthless rhythms and backyard beats weaving between intuitive, heart tugging ballads, ROYCE has collaborated with the likes of Qwel, Offwhyte, Mestizo, Robust, Meaty Ogre, on multiple Galapagos4 releases. After much touring with Galapagos4 label mates, the quartet returned to the studio and produced their second release “TUFF LOVE” capturing the heart of growing up in the windy city and reflecting the bittersweet human experience at large. Amidst this alchemy of sound ROYCE continues to carve out its niche in popular music.