Trans Am
Trans Am
Label: Thrill Jockey Records
Genre: Rock / Electronic
Online: Artist Website


Formed in 1993, Trans Am remains the trio of Nathan Means (bass, keyboards, vocals), Phil Manley (guitar, keyboards, bass, vocals) and Sebastian Thompson (drums, vocals, bass, guitar, programming). Over the course of six albums and three EPs, Trans Am has pleased and confounded critics with their ever-changing music style. From their most Deutsch-influenced self-titled debut to Futureworld, their 80's inspired super-synth pop tunes (about 2 years before it was cool) to the raw rock of Red Line, their musical style has always varied. Touring for at least six months of every year, Trans Am has a consistent draw throughout the world. While their music style may be ever changing, the force of their live performance is always undeniable. They have received huge support from the skateboarding community, having provided music for nearly ten skateboard films, as well as exclusive tracks for many magazines. The band has been selling 30-50,000 records per release for eight years, making them a force in underground music.

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