Life Force Trio
Life Force Trio
Label: Plug Research
Genre: Electronic / Hip Hop
Online: Artist Website


Alice Coltrane. Sun Ra. Pharaoh Sanders. To this long lineage of eccentric jazz geniuses add The Lifeforce Trio. Birthed by the fertile mind of Carlos Nino (Ammoncontact, Build an Ark), The Lifeforce Trio comes from the heart, shoots for the brain, and hits you deep in the soul. Filtering the great jazz and soul of decades past through a modern, post-hip-hop lens, The LifeForce Trio is a new and exciting voice in a genre that has stood stagnant too long. This 12" includes remixes from Daedelus, Ammoncontact and Myka 9, whetting the appetite for the full-length that will be released on Plug Research later this year. The Lifeforce Trio made their debut on the album Dwight Trible & The Lifeforce Trio - Love Is the Answer released on Ninja Tune.