Jack Acid
Label: Pirate Audio Collective
Genre: Electronic
Online: Artist Website


Oklahoma City native James Hawley, aka Jack Acid, has been an integral part of the underground music community since the 1980s. From his roots in punk rock shows and bands, he shifted early on into electonic music, inspired by new technology, industrial music and acid house. Since his first 12" release, Gifts Ov Alien Technology, over a decade ago, he has been actively producing and remixing tracks for a variety of artists and labels. Amazingly, his connections outside of the region have made his Pirate Audio Collective in OKC a must-stop for touring teknival heads on North American jaunts; Jack and his group have hosted groups such as Psychic TV, Spiral Tribe, S.P.A.Z. and other like minds. Currently he's still on the edge of electronic expression, playing with circuit bent instruments, softsynths and most digital audio formats.