Chuck Love
Chuck Love
Label: Om Records
Genre: Electronic
Online: Artist Website


How do you pack all that soul, funk, fire, and love into one skinny white dude?

Chuck Love (AKA Charlie Erickson) Has found his calling. Behind the decks, and the microphone where the groove is musical and solid. Good vibes flow out of the HI-FI as infectious hooks float, smoky chords punch, and solos fly, in this sensitive yet effective beat-down for your head, your soul, and your rump.

Chuck was born and raised in Minneapolis Minnesota where music found him at a very early age. he displayed the spooky ability to pick out melodies and play them back on the piano as early as age 3. His ear abilities had him correcting his second grade music teacher when her arrangements were over simplified, and encouraged her to "play this chord like they do on the record" The sixth grade band director would shake his head in disapproval, or disbelief when Chuck would fill in the "cool parts" that weren't on the page, and subsequently he never learned to read music.

Fast forward to 2000 - Chuck Love "Frozen in Minneapolis EP" released on Miguel Migs' Salted Music imprint presented 3 original mixes. "Spread The Love" feat. DeMonica, El Divorcee', and "Back in my Life" with vocalist and songwriter FOURFEET. (AKA Justin Thompson).

Support from the likes of Migs, Kaskade, Heather, Fred Everything, Hardsoul, Jay-J, Julius Papp, MFR, Groove Junkies, and Marques Wyatt. made "Back in My Life" one of the most unavoidable tracks of WMC 2005.

Now you're sure to find Chuck behind the decks juggling vocals, guitar, flute, sawed-off black trumpet, percussion, and that weird little keyboard thingy with the huka hose on it, bumping through a largely original set that runs from lush chords and organic textures to straight up speaker freakin' electro-thump. You have never seen anything like this DJ/Live alchemy, and your fist will pump as you realize that there's a truck load of soul, funk, fire, and Love packed into that skinny white dude.