Hot IQs
Hot IQs
Label: spinART Records
Genre: Rock
Online: Artist Website


The band started in early 2003 as a simultaneous twinkle in the eyes of former college radio djs, Eli Mishkin (lead vocals, guitar) and Elaine Acosta (drums), and has turned into what critics have called "pure pop pleasure." An exhaustive search of highway truck stops yielded bassist Bryan Feuchtinger, completing the distinctive sound of the young indie rockers.

Blend classic pop, fuzzed-out rock, and hints of edgy lounge and you have Denver's premier rockers, Hot IQs. With a sound that cites influences from the Pixies, the Kinks, to Archers of Loaf, and possibly the Holiday Inn Lounge Singers' Association of America, Hot IQs put the indie-rock chocolate in your disco peanut butter. Credit their dynamic songwriting, spine-tingling hooks, a rhythm section that thunders with danceable beats, an engaging and passionate live show, their show-stopping good looks, or simply their attractively large brains (ahem) for their quick and growing success.

To date, Hot IQs have shared the stage with The Walkmen, Hot Hot Heat, Louis XIV, The Thermals, AC Newman, Rogue Wave, Crooked Fingers, the Delgados, Earlimart, the Sleepy Jackson, Nada Surf, OZMA, Brian Jonestown Massacre, On the Speakers, Devotchka, Dressy Bessy, Centro-Matic.