Konono No.1
Konono No.1
Label: Crammed
Genre: Other
Online: Artist Website


Congotronics 2 is a compilation of amazing sounds, courtesy of no less than seven electro-traditional bands from Kinshasa, Congo.

The strange and spectacular electro-traditional mixtures were all especially recorded and produced by Crammed's Vincent Kenis. World music, electronica and avant-rock aficionados have been equally amazed by this otherworldly music which has driven the international press to come up with extremely surprising comparisons from Can and Krautrock to Jimi Hendrix, Lee Perry and proto-techno ...

These bands all draw on traditional trance music, to which they’ve incorporated heavily-distorted sounds generated by DIY amplification of their instruments... just like Konono N°1, except that, as musicians come from various geographical and cultural background, they use very diverse rhythms, timbres and instruments: the trademark electrified thumb pianos and megaphones are joined by an array of buzzing drums, swirling guitars and hypnotic balafons.