After two albums and an EP on Southern Records, Chicago's Atombombpocketknife returns with Lack and Pattern on vocalist-guitarist Justin Sinkovich's own File 13 Records. Since 2001's God Save the ABPK, the group has toured and appeared on compilations, singles, radio and television throughout the U.S. and Europe. Guitarist Che Arthur released a solo album on Flameshovel Records, and new drummer Tony Lazzara's group, Sterling, released their second album on File 13.

Lack and Pattern was tracked with Jeremy Lemos (U.S. Maple, Smog, Stereolab) at Semaphore Studio, overdubbed at Sinkovich's home studio, and mixed with Brian Deck (Red Red Meat, Califone, Modest Mouse) at Engine Studio. ABPK's sound has undoubtedly progressed due to Lazzara's distinct drumming and arrangement, Che Arthur's writing and the group's access to 32-track recording technology. The result is more natural but complicated arrangements, uncompromising production and an unprecedented dark mood.