Beat Strings
Beat Strings
Label: XOXO Records
Genre: Rock
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The Beat Strings breathe new life into the musical mantra of sex, drugs, and rock and roll. Sexual grittiness, the longing of sensuality, hints of substance references, and the foundation of rock and roll are impressions left upon a listener. These concepts and feelings have been carefully created by the influence of each member, and the experiences they have been through in life and in the band. The inception of The Beat Strings took place in the summer of 2003 between two friends sharing the same ideals, wanting to compose music with a rock sound heavily influenced by the grittiness of sex. They spent a year collaborating, and fabricating music while the addition of new members assisted in the complementation and expansion of their ideas. They continued this extensive musical creation process until late one night, a mysterious light in the sky exploded with fury in colors of purple, red, and gold. This light caused chaos amongst the group, which led them to proceed onto an impromptu tour. The mystery and vision of the light stayed with them on their tour, which was full of insight, intoxication, and a feeling that they were on the right path. After the tour's completion, two more member changes were made which helped fuse and complete the sound of the Beat Strings. The five naturally came together with an uncanny balance of failures, sounds, fantasies, and edginess, which made the Beat Strings. Their eclectic sounds range from Before the Light's dance infused rock sound complemented by the saxophone to Miss Lady's sensual sounds highlighted by the crooning voice of the vocalist. The Beat Strings' live shows are a breath of fresh air in the ever stagnant world of music. Their music will stay with you in your head…and in your bed as they continue to prove that the new movement of rock is upon us. It is Love, Lust, and Wonder.

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Beat Strings
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