Four guys meet at school and decide to start a band. They write songs, rehearse, and play a lot. They put out a single, and the public who has been seeing them play live for the last year buy it so fast it is out of stock the first day. They play live some more, put out some more singles, put out an album and it debuts in the Top 20. It is that simple, the story behind Birmingham, England's EDITORS and their debut album THE BACK ROOM, an invigorating, intoxicating blend of UK industrial town rock music and present day thump, carrying a brightness in sound which separates it from the pack.

After a successful summer release of EDITORS THE BACK ROOM in the UK, the album began 2006 crossing the gold plateau in the UK, having its third single "Munich" land Top 10 and shooting the album into the Top 5 of the UK charts. Through a similar campaign in the US, EDITORS and THE BACK ROOM are sure to craft identical results and become one of the most talked about and successful new bands of 2006.