Label: Feral Media
Genre: Electronic / Rock
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Alpen is the solo project for music producer, Plankton member and Feral Media founder Danny Jumpertz. It will evolve into a live band in the second half of 2005.

Using a mixture of acoustic and electronic instrumentation, Danny creates songs and soundscapes that have been likened to The Flaming Lips, Radian, Tunng, Subtle and Mice Parade. There is a tasteful blend of the studio and live performances on the tracks completed thus far, with an emphasis on sampling original sounds and signal processing. Some featured guests include Grievous (Leigh Hegg from Plankton) and Comatone (Greg Seiler).

Danny has been writing songs alone and with various bands for more than 20 years, and the debut Alpen release will reflect the breadth and depth of his creations, focusing on the work of the last six years.

While he has spent much time, energy and passion recording and producing for bands such as Wagons, Minimum Chips, The Emergency, The Night Terrors, Plankton, The Tigers and Sparrow Hill over the past five years, and releasing albums for artists he admires and champions, such as Mieli, Underlapper and Comatone, this is the first time Danny will expose his solo work to a broad audience.

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