Label: Feral Media
Genre: Hip Hop / Electronic
Online: Artist Website


Underlapper formed in 2002 when friends Greg Stone, Simon Oh, Marc Chomicki, Matt Furnell, Morgan McKellar and Simon Tyte, who had similar musical interests, decided to act on their mutual interest in creating and performing as a group. They started writing music straight away.

"Our early music was described as 'ambient earth fart meets dearth metal'," Greg Stone says. "Most of these songs were created through jamming on a certain riff with each member establishing their own part within the piece."

In late 2003 Underlapper began working on new material, which they would later take into the studio to record.

"The new material was more focused but was still diverse due to the ideas of six people coming together," Greg says. "A lot of the material is on more of a leftfield hip hop vibe, with live instrumentation on top of beats which are mostly compiled from collected noises."

Apart from the hip hop based material, some of the songs contain a more down tempo rock/folk feel but as a whole the songs try to fuse electronic rhythms with live instrumentation.

"We tried to focus on this style due to a mutual feeling that it was lacking from the Australian scene, (particularly from the Australian hip hop scene) yet was becoming more and more prominent in Europe and America."

The band hopes to push its sound both here and overseas and to establish interest amongst likeminded people and artists, in order prove that not all Australian hip hop is conventional.