The Emergency
The Emergency
Label: Feral Media
Genre: Electronic / Rock
Online: Artist Website


The Emergency was born in December 2001 when Milo Kossowski heard that the Bus Gallery, Melbourne was putting on a one-night electronic music festival. He cooked up the name just minutes before the festival's flyer went to press. The band was then hurriedly cobbled together, when Milo convinced his closest friends, Daina and Sarah, to play synths.

Originally The Emergency was an instrumental band playing melodies inspired by old Moog records by Electric Coconut and Jean Jacques Perrey, as well as more abrasive, experimental stuff by Essendon Airport, and the music of Suicide. Milo and Daina were later joined by Daniel Miller and Morgan McWaters to form the current line up.

The Emergency is lo-fi high-voltage electro rock and roll, with a horror movie twist.