Anna Oxygen
Label: Kill Rock Stars
Genre: Electronic / Pop
Online: Artist Website


Anna Oxygen's new record takes you on a textured electronic adventure through a dancy and sometimes dark landscape of layered synths, video game soundtrack jams and operatic spirit quests. Unlike her first record of pop simplicity, This Is An Exercise focuses on layered multi-instrumental compositions and vocals, complete with orchestrated horns and strings battling driving electro bass lines. Often compared to Kate Bush, or Laurie Anderson, the songs weave between conceptual plots about talking fish and calories searching for the end of the rainbow to more emotive straightforward dance songs. Anna O. operates from a wide range of musical skills and experiences, and has performed in a variety of styles and guises: folk guitar chanteuse, electro pop diva, and classically trained opera singer, with frequent cross-pollination between these genres. Her second record marries these skills beautifully and will make any listener want to zone in, or out or possibly both at the same time.