Nathan Asher & The Infantry
Nathan Asher & The Infantry
Label: Unsigned
Genre: Rock
Online: Artist Website


Nathan Asher & the Infantry's lyrically inventive and powerful songs are driven by interwoven organ, piano, guitar and harmonica lines, performed by six musicians who play together like a well-oiled machine. Prepare for an explosion of sound in your innocent little face that will leave every one of your senses reeling.

Nathan Asher and the Infantry’s song "Turn Up the Faders," which has already won the 2005 John Lennon International Songwriting Contest, is now a finalist in the rock category for the International Songwriting Competition, beating out 15,000 entries from 80 countries around the world. The New York times describes the International Songwriting Competition as “The songwriting contest to take note of.”

The song is off their self titled 2004 debut. Their new, independently released album, Sex Without Love has critics raving.

The album has been nominated for the Independent Weekly's 2005 Music Awards in the category for Best Rock Album. The band is also nominated for Best Rock Band and Best Rock Song.