Red Snapper
Red Snapper
Label: Matador Records
Genre: Electronic
Online: Artist Website


London’s Red Snapper is back with its second Warp/Matador co-release, the first to be released simultaneously worldwide. Co-produced with Hugo Nicholson (Primal Scream, David Holmes), they’ve created a new dark funk for the year 2000 and onwards.

With their 1996 debut, Prince Blimey, Red Snapper’s savage display of traditional jazz instrumentation in a contemporary context — and, most importantly, the band's ability to pull it off live — was largely responsible for the influx of dance artists fusing acoustic instruments with electronic sounds. They’ve since mined their own territory, creating hybrids no one thought possible, culminating in the intensely visceral, libidinous heat of Our Aim Is To Satisfy Red Snapper.

A little history - Back in 1993, drummer Richard Thair joined double bassist Ali Friend and guitarist David Ayers, sharing a mutual appreciation for breakbeat precision, rockabilly bass and surf-punk guitar. Red Snapper's first vinyl came out in 1994 and was a murky gumbo of dubbed-out jazz and subterranean bass, which sounds like nothing else of the time. Two more EPs followed before Warp Records signed them up and re-released the singles on the compilation, Reeled and Skinned.

Red Snapper distinguished themselves from the outset by perfoming live, not relying on studio wizardry to reach their audience. During a period when most "live" music consisted of artists sweating over a sequencer in a flightcase, here was a group of gifted musicians who took their studio material and bettered it on stage. By processing the raw nature of their instruments, the band invalidate the dichotomy of "man versus machine."