Two Gallants
Two Gallants
Label: Saddle Creek
Genre: Rock
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TWO GALLANTS are Adam Stealin and Tyson Vogel. Together they are drums, guitar, vocals, harmonica, and piano when the house provides. They grew up in the city of San Francisco and have known each other since they were five. They have been in bands together since they were twelve. They have been TWO GALLANTS since 2002.

Attempting to define the formula that makes this band is an almost impossible feat. TWO GALLANTS have been classified as "garage-folk", "countrified-alt- punk","gutter country", "hardcore candyman", etc. Their influences range from backcountry blues musicians of the 20s and 30s like Skip James, Robert Wilkins, and Clarence Ashley to more recent local punk bands like Hickey and Operation Ivy. They channel the spirit of early Bob Dylan and Leonard Cohen, with the Americana sound of John Fahey and a modern punk sensibility. Adam & Tyson source the emotions of every day life that no one can avoid. Still their sound is rooted somewhere far deeper and more personal than a list of influences--no matter how significant--could suggest.

TWO GALLANTS songs are often brutal, unforgiving yet comical, intimately confessional but always dignified. Their range moves easily through many different genres and sentiments, at times suggestive of the twangy melodrama of early country, at others abrasive and cutting with the ruthlessness of nascent hard core. Their poetic vision is beautifully expressed through complex lyrical imagery and a dynamic interplay of drums and guitar that explodes from silence and returns to a lull without prediction nor the comfort of repetition. This band challenges the restriction that songs must be brief and pointless--these tracks spark the imagination, leaving the listener caught in a conflict of emotions and confronted with the need to question everything.

In December 2002, TWO GALLANTS went on their first tour through the Northwest and since then have been constantly gigging at home or on the road: completing 2 eight-week 60-date tours and numerous local tours of the western U.S. Popular success has followed with a developing cult following, and a much noticed critically performance at 2003's Noise Pop Festival.

Adam & Tyson just finished their 3rd tour around the country for six weeks with the Seattle based friends Holy Ghost Revival.

In 2003, TWO GALLANTS recorded a few songs for THE SOUND OF SAN FRANCISCO, a compilation released on ALIVE RECORDS (Black Keys, Warlocks, Brian Jonestown Massacre). After a performance for the CD release party in Los Angeles, the label offered a deal to record their first record.

The result was, The Throes, produced by Jeff Saltzman. (The Killers, Stephen Malkmus, Death Cab for Cutie, Sunday's Best, Black Keys), and was released May 18, 2004 on Alive Records and distributed world-wide by Mordam Distribution. After a successful release party in San Francisco to over 400 people, the throes reached #29 in sales the following week at Amoeba Records.

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Two Gallants
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