Saturday Looks Good To Me
Saturday Looks Good To Me
Label: Polyvinyl Records
Genre: Pop
Online: Artist Website


Saturday Looks Good To Me is a pop band with no members, a sound with no story. Well, not exactly. In fact, the Detroit group's only constant member; songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist Fred Thomas has worked with over 75 different talented folks on the bands' recorded output and live shows over the years. And the stories behind the songs involve years of pop music history, an endless appreciation of punk culture and ethics, and attic rooms stuffed with boxes of unlabeled 4 track tapes. Perhaps the point is that nothing matters but the waves in the air when you hear your new favorite song for the first time, and Saturday Looks Good To Me is only interested in making your new favorite songs.

The band started almost accidentally as a series of basement four-track experiments in the early months of the year 2000. By the summertime, these reverb-drenched tape loops and fragmental pop songs were collected and let loose upon the world in the form of a self-released LP. A ramshackle live band soon materialized to play infrequent but always explosive shows around the Detroit area. Reactions to the music were strong and excited, and SLGTM’s music began to perk up ears outside of Michigan basements and barrooms. Based on the strength of their recorded work, the group was asked out on their first tour by emo icons Saves The Day. After their first trip around the states, things started happening for the band at a non-stop pace, with consistant attention from college radio, glowing reviews, opening spots on tours with Ted Leo, Rainer Maria & Mates Of State, all culmintaing in the Polyvinyl release of 2003's All Your Summer Songs.