Kano/Low Deep
Kano/Low Deep
Label: Vice Records
Genre: Hip Hop
Online: Artist Website


In January 2005 Run The Road, the world's first catalogue of grime's seminal recordings and it's most gifted exponents, was released to much critical acclaim. A musical documentary of the most significant UK movement to have emerged since drum & bass, it bought new streets soundscapes to the forefront. After much anticipation, Run The Road 2 boasting 16 new tracks and a bonus DVD is ready to roll. Championed as the new punk, grime continued to expand it's sonic perimeters in a short space of time. What the scene presents today is an even greater sound spectrum, indulging influences and skill from much further afield making It more about a unifying culture. Producers are no longer heavily associated with Playstation beats, nor sounds of a particularly aggressive nature or rigid structure. Similarly, gone are the days where MC's were simply laying down rave lyrics. With the new school of MCing, a far greater emphasis is put on flow, subject matter and intelligent word play - there's no room for chancers anymore. As a result an even deeper pool of talent has surfaced. Run The Road 2 presents this seismic new chapter with a collection of exclusive and never-heard before tracks that represent all sides of the expanding scene.

Listening to Low Deep's 'Get Set', an orchestra could been hi-jacked to make this epic opening track. From the softer palette of Kano to Ghetto's aggressive streak and Doctor's bashment mutterings, the increasingly unique personalities being adopted by lyricists are immediately on show.