East River Pipe
East River Pipe
Label: Merge Records
Genre: Other / Folk
Online: Artist Website


What sets East River Pipe apart from the millions of bedroom recording artists now enabled by the advent of simple technology is the poise, elegance and simplicity of his work. Cornog’s lo-fi recording techniques reflect his lowlife subject matter, allowing a vulnerability and realism to shine through. The frugal nature of his recording is reflected in his writing style, with every song stripped to its essence. This may at first seem unsatisfying: songs are free of distraction or decoration. But therein lies their considerable, minimalist charm, as every song lays itself open to close inspection like a detailed enamel cameo. Full of sentiment though the songs may be, they’re never sentimental or self-piteous, but instead exquisitely perceptive. When the heartstrings are plucked, they play a heavenly tune; when the knife goes in, it goes in deep.