Depth Affect
Depth Affect
Label: Autres Directions In Music
Genre: Electronic / Hip Hop
Online: Artist Website


Paris, May13th, 2004 : Depth Affect opens the show for Alias (from the collective & label Anticon). The musician from Oakland is under the spell of their music and asks the Parisian audience to applaud this band - which he depicts as « one of the best bands he’s played with » - warmly.

This anecdote highlights all the work achieved by Depth Affect since their beginnings a couple of years ago and later their first opus (Mesquin EP, Autres Directions In Music, January 2004). Now a quartet, including a DJ and a VJ, the band has played live in many different festivals such as Astropolis, Les Siestes Electroniques or Les Trois Elephants, working at the same time on the writing of Arche-Lymb, a first album capable of synthesizing their manifold talents and aspirations.

September 2004 : Depth Affect meet up in Lorient, a town on the French West Coast. Quickly, they put together the track "Honey Folky". Striking, wobbly, messy, exulting : the cornerstone of Arche-Lymb was laid.

From then on, the quartet continuously worked on this first album, a strange and energetic one, which deceives its listener. Hip Hop beats set on dislocated springs, magnetic keyboards, cut up vocals, bits of acoustic guitars, miscellaneous noises... Arche-Lymb draws the outline of a world which is in turns contemplative, melancholy or angry. A place where we meet Alias again on "Wyoming Highway", where both the universes of the band and the American MC blend in a magnificent way. On another track ("One Day Or So"), they associate with CYNE (Botanica Del Jibaro, City Centre Offices). Describing a personal world, full of chiaroscuros, "Arche-Lymb" is nevertheless a coherent and rich album, multiplying sound and rhythmic strokes of inspiration. It wouldn’t disgrace the productions of major labels such as Ninja Tune, Warp or Mego.

On stage, Depth Affect is even more impressive when the videos come in symbiosis with the music and compels the audience to a frenzied desire to dance.