Secret Mommy
Secret Mommy
Label: Ache Records
Genre: Experimental
Online: Artist Website


Perhaps a commentary on public space and environments, or maybe a stab at the mounting quantity of careerists in a once "do it for the love of the music" music scene, Secret Mommy's fourth release is an issue of recreational activity. As a tennis ball collides with a racket, or a wet arm makes contact with the water of a public pool, the sound scurries, is plucked from the air, and is ground into granules to be reassembled into skittering, playful morsels of joyous noise.

Very Rec brings to light specific sounds that may otherwise be taken for granted as mere environmental residue, the crisp tear of scissors cutting construction paper, or the swish of an ice skate on ice. These are pocketed and enjoyed, either untouched or as a starting point for digital manipulation. Therefore, focus is on the clatter of activities - clatter that would otherwise be brushed off as merely a consequence of something greater, the activity itself.

This is not concept for the sake of concept. It's the byproduct of an addiction to sound, or more specifically, the searching, the documenting, and the manipulating of sound. Vancouver's Secret Mommy spent half a year invading public space, equipped with hidden hand-made condenser microphones. He visited his former high school to record a basketball practice; he visited a martial arts demonstration, a childrens day care, a squash court, and a dance studio. He then spent another half a year obliterating this sound collection, cutting it into particles, blowing it up, and sucking it in, all with the spastic glee of a child kicking a tin can across a gravel field, furthering his reputation as a “hellbound cruise director” (Splendid E-zine) in the sound design world.

The result is a polyrhythmic, visceral celebration of sporadic delight. A cut-and-paste exploration of activity and movement, obscured by mild absurdism. The fourth chapter of Secret Mommy's trademark ADD, "nothing loops more than twice", brand of electronic anti-techno.

Whatever obscured message may be lingering within Very Rec, it is clear that Secret Mommy has created it for his own recreation, making light of the artist taking himself too seriously; An exercise in exercise.